Laser Hair Removal

No more pain and hair / All smooth and soft skin.

Areas commonly treated


Chin / Upper Lip / Lower Lip / Glabella (Between Eyebrows) / Ears / Areolas / Fingers /  Toes, Sideburns / Jawline / Forehead


Extended Bikini (Female Only) / Underarms / Shoulder / Back Of  The Neck / Front Of The Neck / Buttocks Line / Line Shaping Bikini (Female Only)


Lower Legs / Upper Legs / Upper Back / Lower Back / Full Arms / Stomach / Chest / Full Face / Brazilian (Female Only) / Bald Head

The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal at Arch 2 Arch

#Treatments Don’t Take Long

#You’ll Save Money in the Long Run

#Eliminate Ingrown Hairs

#You Don’t Need to Grow Hair Between Treatments

#Laser Removal Leaves Your Skin Softer Than Before

How does Laser™ Hair Removal work?

If you’re not happy with shaving, tweezing, or waxing to remove unwanted hair, laser hair removal may be an option worth considering.

Laser hair removal is one of the most commonly done cosmetic procedures in the U.S. It beams highly concentrated light into hair follicles. Pigment in the follicles absorb the light that destroys the hair.

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Frequently asked Questions


No, laser hair removal generally does not require any real downtime. Immediately after having laser hair removal, your treated skin will be red and swollen. Despite this, most people return to their everyday activities.
You will likely see the results immediately after treatment. The results vary from patient to patient. The color and thickness of your hair, area treated, type of laser used, and color of your skin all affect the results. You can expect a 10% to 25% reduction in hair after the first treatment. To remove the hair, most patients need 6 to 8 laser treatments. After finishing the treatments, most patients do not see any hair on the treated skin for several months or even years. When the hair regrows, there tends to be less of it. The hairs also tend to be finer and lighter in color.
For most people, laser hair removal does not hurt. However, it all depends on your threshold for pain. Most people say that it feels like snapping a rubber band against the skin. But if you’re overly sensitive to pain, you may experience some minor discomfort.
It is best to play it safe and avoid laser hair removal while you’re pregnant. There is no evidence to suggest that it is unsafe, but there have not been long-term studies to analyze the effect of the laser on an unborn child.
Because of the hair growth cycle, laser hair removal must be done once per month to get optimal results. You will see some results with one treatment, but to truly permanently reduce the hair you must come in for 12-18 months. You will then require touch-up laser hair removal visits approximately twice per year to maintain your results.
Laser hair removal can be done on many parts of the body. For a list of commonly treated areas, please see on the page above.
The actual treatment of your laser hair removal session will last anywhere between 5 minutes to one hour depending on how many areas you are getting treated. Since we use the best laser hair removal lasers, you will experience the fastest lasers available today. These same lasers also offer the best long term results according to multiple peer reviewed research studies. You must shave all areas to be treated before your service.
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7 Proven Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

We all have hair on our bodies that we wish we did not have. From our legs to our faces to our underarms, we spend hours of our lives shaving, waxing, and removing that unwanted hair.

But there is a better way …

Laser hair removal is one of the most effective ways to remove unwanted body hair. If you are tired of shaving and waxing but are not quite sure if you are ready for laser treatment, keep reading.

Here are seven proven benefits of laser hair removal:

Why Laser Hair Removal Is the Best Method

7 Proven Benefits

If it is a quick solution you are searching for, laser hair removal is the fastest way to get rid of unwanted hair.
You will have to have multiple treatment sessions, but most sessions only take a few minutes. The smaller the treatment area, the less time you will spend under the laser.
Laser hair removal is a lot less painful than most people think. Many people equate it to the feeling of snapping a rubber band against the skin.
Depending on your threshold for pain, you may find it slightly uncomfortable, but the sessions are so fast that most people find it easy to endure.
Laser technology is incredibly precise, making laser hair removal ideal for people looking to target and remove a few specific hairs.
This makes it a great option, even if you are looking to remove small areas of hair from around the eyebrows, upper lip, nose, bikini line, or hairline.
Except for the eyelashes, laser hair removal can be performed on any part of the body.
It is especially ideal for the back and bikini area, which can be hard to reach with razors and extremely painful to wax.
Shaving of hair removal can cause ingrown hairs. If you are prone to ingrown hairs, laser hair removal is an excellent option.
By destroying the hair at the root, you will never have to worry about those pesky hairs growing back in or curling back into the body and becoming ingrown.
Some methods, such as waxing and plucking, require that you endure a bit of regrowth in between sessions. With laser hair removal, you can enjoy smooth, hair-free skin always.
Most people see permanent, lasting results with laser hair removal. In some cases, you may need a touch-up a few months or years down the line, but it remains one of the best long-term solutions available.
At minimum, you will see a permanent reduction in hair growth that becomes easier to maintain over time.
Because it is a long-term solution, it is also cost effective. Over the course of your lifetime, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars, as there will not be a need for monthly waxes or razor blade refills.
Keep in mind that while laser hair removal works on all different skin tones, it is most effective on people with light skin and dark hair. People with darker skin tones may experience temporary hyperpigmentation of the skin in the treated area.

To protect your unborn baby, wait until after you’ve given birth to begin laser hair removal treatment.

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